MIT Blockchain Systems Consortium: Scalable AI + Blockchain For Humanity


About the Consortium

The MIT Blockchain Systems Consortium is an emerging organization dedicated to promoting and facilitating innovative research in the field of Artificial Intelligence and its usage on blockchain infrastructure and applications.

The new Consortium harnesses the expertise of industry professionals, associations, government bodies, academia and corporate members in the field of Artificial intelligence to encourage and discuss innovative developments and trends in the usage of AI on the Blockchain.

Research & Events

The Consortium promotes industry specific research, education and events from which the knowledge and extensive network will benefit the entire global community in this field. Our mission is to provide a forum of industry thought leaders who will work collaboratively to set standards and extend the boundaries of Artificial Intelligence on the Blockchain.


The consortium is spearheaded by Prof. Alex Pentland and Dr. Yaniv Altshuler.

Collaborate with the Consortium

The consortium invites industry experts, technological visionaries and fellow researchers in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Technology to join the Consortium and partake in future activities.

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